Modern tools

Designed as pay-per-use SaaS platform that enables deep collaboration between ports, agents and external stakeholders. Come, experience joy!.

Simplified workflow

SmartPort is the first paperless system exclusively built for Indian ports.

Heirachical Approvals

SmartPort offers tiered approval process setup that helps key stakeholders to process with ease.

Cloud Backed

Backed up by world class infrastructure with zero downtime, secure and always available.


SmartPort automates this entire process where every decision point is tracked and available for review.

Vessel Call Management

Organize all your vessel calls in multiple stages

  • Professional and easy-to-use vessel call suite
  • Generate a vessel call in no time
  • Automated alerts
  • Simple Vessel Call tracking

Document Management

Spend less time worrying about documents and more focusing on content and approvals.

  • Role based document generation
  • Document attachments
  • Enable group approvals
  • Manage content through collaboration

Vessel Management

Take advantage of the system to oversee your vessel's info

  • Get a glance at all existing vessels
  • Manage existing vessel info
  • Optimized vessel views
  • Filtered vessel search

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